Who The cap Fits

Who the cap fits, let him wear  it. The cap fits Sen. Prof Ben Ayade in all ramifications of life, the cap fits him in public administration, with his phone open at all times, he is sensitive to public feelings, accessible to opinions of all sorts, open to criticism and change, with the people’s welfare as his top priority. The cap fits him in economic management, prudent in managing scarce resources, economic magician you appear, managing shortages and others well.

The cap fits you in Agriculture, boosting food production your topmost priority, with high quality rice seedling plant and cocoa. The cap fits you in making our roads accident free, the SUPER HIGHWAY and THE DEEP SEA PORT are on-going. All these are models for other states to emulate. The cap fits you my Boss, Mentor, Big Brother and Friend, under whose tutelage I have learnt great lessons of life.

The experience gathered so far has shaped my mode of life and pattern of living. To you, I pay a great obeisance as long as I live.




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