Key Responsibilities

The Key Responsibilities of the ministry include but not limited to the following:

Coordination and management of government financial resources: 

  • The Ministry centralizes and coordinates the bookkeeping and registration of public revenues and expenditure.
  • The Ministry issues and socializes financial instructions on the financial management of public monies, promoting their constant, perfecting with a pedagogic action.
  • The Ministry coordinates, updates, and normalizes the system for classifying public, expenses and socialize the criteria that rule that classification

Coordination of state government insurance business

  • Assign management responsibilities for implementation of the prudential insurance standards.
  • Appoint and maintain competent professional insurance brokers with cognate professional experience in life and general insurance

Management of state government investment

  • Initiate, organize and participate in promotional activities such as exhibitions, conferences, and seminars for the stimulation of investment in the state.
  • Provision of extensive information related to the state business environment including current investment procedures.
  • Provision of comprehensive market feasibility studies to potential investors.
  • Registration and keeping records of all major investments in the state.
  • Maintain Post-investment after care service and ensure that Nigeria’s investment remains Favorable and investor-friendly.
  • Registration with the relevant agencies as applicable to the sector of operation.

Bi-monthly production of MOFINEWS Magazine

  • The magazine production by the Ministry of Finance is aimed at marketing the Policies and Programs of the State Government to the investing world. It is widely circulated.
  • The Magazine is not for sale


Quality of Services

The Ministry of Finance is required to model high quality customer care and have established policies to ensure that office facilities through which she delivers services are clean and safe, function effectively with all the necessary equipment and materials and are accessible with no physical language or other social barriers. Visitors to the Ministry of Finance will receive appropriate directions via signs, notices, etc. on how to obtain service or information.


Suggestions/Comments on our Service

We give the public an opportunity to make suggestions or to comment on services rendered by the Ministry. Such suggestions and comments can be made through the above media or by contacting the SERVICOM unit of the Ministry.