“FOOD FOR THOUGHT” Complications In 2nd Term

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“Considering the questions and issues raised above, is it not expedient that the Ayade Administration be given a second chance (term)?”

While growing up as a young man m Lagos, I got dedicated to watching a popular comedy program titled: “Second Chance”. the program was aired every Wednesday at 7:30 pm by Nigerian Television Authority, NT A Channel 2, Lagos. the comedy programme was composed of a cast made up of about 15 “Elderly” people (since the makeup artiste ensured they looked like elderly people, though they were actually young men and women) with a relatively younger man as their teacher. the teacher in question was Tunde Alabi, one of Nigeria’s foremost actors. they were all very talented actors and actresses, most of whom have made their mark in the movie industry in the movie industry in Nigeria and beyond our shores. the setting was a classroom and the “pupils” were the elderly who took advantage of government’s adult education program to have a second chance of acquiring education, since they could not attend school while in their youth. As expected, they were hard at learning. they offered literary interpretation to every word the teacher uttered. For instance, if the teacher made a statement like,“ is
world is full of sins”, one of them would jump up, scream in a loud voice, and while rubbing the walls
of the classroom, ask,“Small teacher, you say this wall weh I dey touch don full with sin?”  e teacher then had the onerous task of making them understand what he was talking about. And there were several instances like that.

However, beyond the laughter and the fun that the comedy generated, there was an underlining message which the program was trying to put across, namely, that it was never too late to learn. Additionally, and more importantly, the program strive to underscore the popular opinion held by many that everyone deserves a second chance to actualize one’s dreams. It is always said that opportunity comes but once; but most people believe that this is no longer the case, stressing that there is always need for a second chance. As plausible as this argument may sound, I would prefer to tilt to the opinion of the old school which holds that opportunity comes once… To my heart, “second chance” should be earned and not made automatic or a matter of right. What I meant here is that when the first opportunity comes, it behooves one to make the best of it and if need be, circumstances would naturally pave way for a second one. this is what 1 term the complication of second chance (term). In this part of the world, it has become customary among our politicians to seek a second term. From the President to National Assembly members, State Governors, State Assembly members, etc, the wishes and aspirations are the same.

they want a second chance (term). But do they really deserve it? Have they earned it? Your opinion counts or at least you can make it count. As Cross Riverians, it may be easier for us to decide. Across the state, are numerous uncompleted projects started by Governor Ayade. We can list some of them; Garment Factory Calabar, Cocoa processing facilities, Ikom, ‘the Pharmaceutical Company and Rice Seedlings project all in Calabar, Deep Sea Port, Super Highway among others. these are long term projects, requiring huge funds for completion. Most of them would require more than four years for construction and take off. this explains why some of these projects could not be completed in the first tenure of the incumbent administration. I am sure that most of us would love to see that these projects are completed, commissioned and put to use. I am sure also, that most of us are aware that every new administration assumes office with its set out agenda, which may not necessarily include completion of projects started by the preceding administration. Of course, this accounts for the numerous abandoned
projects in the country. Considering the questions and issues raised above, is it not expedient that the Ayade Administration be given a second chance (term)? Your opinion counts and this is food for thought for all eligible voters. I rest my case

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