AYADEISM: Keeping to the Original Mantra

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Nature they say has an interesting but mysterious way of arranging the affairs of men such that the paths they tread in their earthly sojourn will often conclusively point to a predestination, so it is for Senator Professor Ben Ayade, whose path was clearly charted towards a visible leadership role in the Cross River State as a subnational entity and country.

Governor Ayade did not mince words upon his ascendency and assumption to the highest office in the state when he vowed to establish and effectively consolidate the state as a dependable and solid socio economic power base in the region. The state chief executive surmised that the emerging new branded Cross River shall be a place of great hope for all, with job opportunities for youths and prosperity for the working class. The Ayade led administration set the ball rolling and positioned government in a privileged position to achieve predetermined objectives. The Cross River State Project was redefined and brought to the front burner.

This government realized by ensuring that appointments reflect all shades of opinion, diverse groups and aggrieved interests as well as members of contending political persuasions in the state, Analysts say such proactive measure was to avert any political brouhaha and douse social tension to enable government  effectively concentrate on achieving its mandate, while also sustaining the oneness and indivisibility of the Cross River family. As part of his policy thrust objective; the governor expanded access to and affordability of qualitative education and social services to empower the youths with the relevant skills to compete in the prevailing highly competitive global order. He has also institutionalized basic healthcare, by evolving an Agency mandated to provide a primary healthcare delivery system that meets the need of both urban and rural communities. For the foregoing reasons, the governor equally developed a strong private sector driven economy by creating an enabling environment for foreign and local investments to thrive, as well as conceptualized a manufacturing economy for the state.

At the Ayade Industrial Park alone, the Governor midwived the establishment of a Garment factory, a Pharmaceutical Company and a Rice City among others all second to none in the continent with capacities to employ hundreds of persons and create indirect labour for thousands; while also growing the purchasing power of Cross Riverians, He is solidly encouraging private enterprises and strengthening the real sector of the state economy, building, upgrading, and maintaining infrastructure, as roads, electricity, water supply, as well as communication, housing in urban center and the hinterland communities. As part of his policy thrust, the governor is currently preoccupied with the business of wealth creation for the people of Cross River State, by providing unlimited opportunities for growth in the Agriculture and Agro-allied sectors and encourages the people to identify and take ownership. To ensure mothers never lacked access to Medicare for their children and loved ones, Ayade is formally building additional healthcare institutions across the state, and is harnessing new ideas and technology to reconstruct the state, He is also reforming schools and guaranteeing First class education for the youth. As part of its key policy objectives, the state administration has so far accelerated investment in new infrastructure and ensured that existing arrangements are upgraded to satisfactory standard that meets the needs and aspirations of the people. For social expediency, government had equally ensured that all investment projects provide value for money and that the cost of government service efforts is affordable and accessible. Effort have also been made to increase the capacity and diversity of the private sector

As part of his policy thrust, the governor is currently preoccupied with the business of wealth creation for the people of Cross River State,

in the provision of public infrastructure. The Ayade-led government has encouraged efficiency, flexibility and innovation to ensure infrastructural projects and programs are planned, prioritized and managed to maximize returns in a manner that Cross Riverians would be the better for it. This administration is optimistic that the tenets of separation of powers amongst the three arms of government are expedient to check arbitrary use of power and promote checks and balances, adopted deliberate and proactive measures to engender harmonious relations among various arms of government, to safeguard the onerous objectives of ensuring the tripartite nature of government guarantees the common goal of advancing the state’s project. Political observers believe the Cross River State under Senator Ayade’s leadership is still by far at the forefront of this advocacy and also one of the few states in the Nigerian Union to enjoy such high level cordiality in intergovernmental relations, critical to the sustainable growth as well as effective conduct of all government business

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