AYADE: A Time to Plant, A Time to Harvest

… we must watch patiently and judge fairly in our desire to benefit from Ayade’s leadership. The popularly acclaimed digital Governor has already set the tone for a bountiful harvest…

Any successful farmer would easily attest to the fact that the journey to a bountiful harvest follows prescribed procedure. Depending on the kind of crop under contemplation for planting, the process would begin with clearing and probably burning the grass. This would be preceded by marking the desired portion for planting. Would therefore proceed to make heaps (for yam, cassava or even pineapple). If need be, fertilizer is applied after the desired crop is buried in the heap. For yam famers, there is a long period to tend the farm, including weeding of grass, mounting of sticks and pecks to hold the sprouting flowers from the buried seedlings. As is common in our State, Cross River, the process for general planting, especially yam and cassava begins around October or November the previous year, culminating in harvesting from July/August of the current year.  the emphasis here is that it requires careful planning, meticulous supervision and great patience to reap a fruitful and bountiful harvest. In many ways, farming is like politics and leadership. A successful politician must be tactful in selecting the right party (land) and the proper position (crop). Leadership is not too different; apart from relying on personal endowment to be a successful leader, the latter needs followers to play vital roles for him to succeed; he needs to make his people to be patient, tolerant and unquestionably supportive.

Indeed, the most important virtue required of a true followership is patience, which is a germane requirement even in case of farming, as the farmer has to wait for the crop to mature before harvesting. This is what is expected from us as Cross Riverians; we must watch patiently and judge fairly in our desire to benefit from Ayade’s leadership. The popularly acclaimed digital Governor has already set the tone for a bountiful harvest as overtly demonstrated in the programmes and policies already initiated for the benefit of the State. the list is lengthy, but we can outline a few to include, the garment factory which has been completed and now operational, the rice seedlings multiplication factory recently commissioned by President Buhari, the cocoa processing facilities at Ikom, the deep sea, proposed super highway among others. These are lofty initiatives intended to move Cross River State to higher heights. But, these projects would take time to take off, which is why we all need to be patient. Their impact would be felt only when they become operational. And until Cross Riverians begin to feel the full impact of these projects, it would appear as if the Governor and indeed the incumbent government is under performing. Let us, therefore as Cross Riverians adopt the attitude of the patient farmer – wait for the crops to yield and mature before harvesting.

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